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Reviews for "A Gamer & Resident Evil 4"

where can i give you 15 stars

i laughed the whole time i couldnt stop not even to save my life im gonna watch it again

XD awesome!

Nice flash, also guys, the animation was perfect, he did it because it added to the humor. For example, ''SUPER JAIL'' and ''Johnny the Homicidal Maniac''


The Merchant has super pistol, big pistol, perfect pistol and Whadda ya buyin.

Funny but not well animated

My friend laughed at this and i told him he couldnt appreciate the humor until he played the game. Im a HUGE RE fan but those japanese are..well..yea. And this flash was crudely animated and poorly put together but it definetly played on the parts of the game we all were going "wtf" at. The ending was a little unnecessary but other than that, very memorable. Its no masterpiece but it definitely deserves some praise from the RE community.


maked me laugh a long time!