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Reviews for "A Gamer & Resident Evil 4"


Funny movie in many different ways. The art style, the voice acting, and the elements in the movie. Definitely my kinda humor. It really makes me want to play through RE4.

Pretty funny

Very nice work..Love the "IYAAAAA"part XD


lol the hadouken and egg parts are the best nice parody.


Made me think of the parodies on YouTube. XD
I loved the Chainsaw Guy. He's the Pyramid Head of Resident Evil. Or was...The Hammer/Axe Guy from RE5 is probably him now.


Yo, you should continue making the rest of this game into a parody! I LOLed at the part where you made fun of krauser's arm, saying its better then pamela anderson, and the part where luis goes MI HUEVOS! 5 stars all the way