Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

hell yes

Lead the charge for the destruction of all crap crews.


Oh mah gawd... I loved watching the Kitty Krew get annihilated by Venom... I do feel that Carnage would have done it sooo well on his own, but I guess Venom & Spidey did well enough. All of the rest of you anti-KK people out there, I want to rid the NG realm of KK, and with your help, we can blam them into oblivion. Add their works to your favorites (at the bottom [naturally]), and then just Blam them daily. The bonus is that you collect Exp Points for blamming them, and you get blam points on your profile. So, let's work towards a better, prettier, Kitty Krew-less NG future. And remember, only YOU can help prevent their crap from infesting the Portal.

XtremelyVenomous responds:

VENOM:- "chuckles"

oooh... oow... niiice....

dude... you totally blammed those assholes...

ps, death to kk

Thank You

It's about time somone took a good hit at the KK, the fact they destroy the rating system by protecting all the shitty flash animations in there cult while blamming other quality content will ultimately be the demise of newgrounds. This animation is the perfect counter action, a flash that is undiniably well made, while at the same time humiliating their pathetic cult. Know Venom that you have done a good thing by making this flash.

Too bad it is only flash.

I wish that's what would happen, but then where would we get the easy blams?