Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

nicely done

kuto's on this flash it was done quite well with good graphix and good action , not very entertaining but a good hit against the kk

Thank You

It's about time somone took a good hit at the KK, the fact they destroy the rating system by protecting all the shitty flash animations in there cult while blamming other quality content will ultimately be the demise of newgrounds. This animation is the perfect counter action, a flash that is undiniably well made, while at the same time humiliating their pathetic cult. Know Venom that you have done a good thing by making this flash.

this is what ive been saying all along...

ever since i started noticing the KK, ive wanted them off this site... honestly, they just need to fucking quit....

great job btw, loved it.... u should make more... idc bout what, but if its anything like this one... hell yea.


i loved it

Not just it had a point, but the animation was great. I loved all the blood and how the scenes were stopped to say who the characters were instead of it randomly thinking everyone would know. Make more of these cool flashes, this will go on front page, i hope, please god!

XtremelyVenomous responds:

It was already on the frontpage, bob. u missed it by just a few days ago


That was a pretty awsome flash. Ive never even heard of the kitty krew till now but after watching this i saw two of their movies just c to c what they were like. The first i didnt make it through it was so monotonus. I hoped the 2nd would b better judging it had a few awards such as front page but it was equally bad. I compleatly agree why the heck is kitty krew in existance. But anyway awsome flash i loved the angles of veiw such as directly from the front and amazing graphics keep um comming.