Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

yep i agree

you should realy make an collab about this, if is was as good as you on making flash i would join but yeah, hope to see more anti-kitten.

So true

I agree with your statement that the KK are making daily crap. The animation in this flash was very nice, like Adam Phillip's and the action was well-drawn. Nice Message there.

loved it, but,

think the only thing that was missing was the music, personally think it would have been better with some rock music instead of the drums. otherwise great piece of work


<3 joo


that last guy was a complete idiot. he cannot even half-match the quality of this animation. This was more than entertaining. i vote 5 on it every day. it is an example of a masterpiece. The style of this animation is a known, yet unique and unexpected style. It more than suits a hit against the KK. I hate them. Thanks for gracing my eyes with this bar of greatness on the rockage ladder.