Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

This was great

I really liked this movie. Graphics were drawn and animated very well. Very good frame by frame animating in this flash. This movie was great from start to finish. The backgrounds were drawn very detailed. You did a nice job of showing perspectives and shadows. Very good sound fx also. I liked how you had spider-man and venom team up against the kitty krew. great work!


Excellent flash, I don't know how long I've had to see crapped out KK flashes flooding up the portal! But just to stay relevant, the graphics and the animation were amazing. The Audio of course took a few hits because it was a looping song, but the violence and the screams definately made up for it! 5

Your A Wicked Animator.

Nice, Kitty Krew Just Got Owned!!!!

Finally Someone Nailed Those Faggots.

YES! ur my new fave auther!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally a movie that kills the kitty krew! They put so much crap on newgrounds i think this shud happen more ofthen. lets get kitty krew off newgrounds, so that a flash creator with sum talent can take their place, or existing talent such as this guy can take their place. nice one mate. saying and showing what we all think n wanna do bout the kitty krew. kudos!

kick ass

that was awesome keep em comin