Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

Too bad it is only flash.

I wish that's what would happen, but then where would we get the easy blams?


i just wish you had more of a challenge that was just a massacre...lol

seriously dude

you are with out a dought one of the freshest new animators on this block

your talent is outstanding, i cant wait to see more from you!!!!

oh yeah!

good one! KK always flooded NG with garbage!


that was a good flash at all
sound fits good to action (i think this is called "micky mousing"-search under wicki if you dont know
your art skills are quiet impressive
you ve got lots of frames and also a high rate
you know also the realistic moving of human bodies
for this level of skill i would say that you are either talented or some kind of a crazy art college student at the age of 24 or something
you are doing good
but i dont like the message
im more the diplomatic guy and dont like those kill-your-internet-opponents-flashes-
the reason for minus one point-well its my personal opinion :-P