Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"


The flash was awesome, I also hate the kitty krew

Even if you did...

...Kill the KK, They have the Nazi Duck Division (DD) for a 2nd Account. That is their mule and there are at least 11 DD Members.


about damn time!!!
kill all KK!!!!


Haha, well done. Great animation mister erm...venom.

Good to see the kitty krew get their asses kicked, mainly because their spam isn't even remotely funny unlike a few other spam groups.

yo wtf

id say there are 3 types of flashes
purposely crap flash- which most ppl hate and i think r awsum and funny
awsum flash- which almost evy1 likes cuz its awsum
crappy flash- shit, no1 wants it, its not funny, its not cool, just shit

i honestly would hv sed it was like a good flash if ppl didnt hv this wierd obsession with depicting the KK dying and shit
its just mad wierd

make sumthing interesting
maybe longer