Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"


Not only is the animation well done, it has Venom, my all-time favorite villian. Great job. Love it.


My favorite hero/villian taking down the kk, how could i not love this. Props

So true.

They give good description's and make good sample picture's when you click the video but.There video's are just ignorant and stupid drawing of some cat walkin around for 10 minute's.I hope Tom will banned those idiot's for Video FLOODing.


i dont really like em either..... BUT isn't spiderman a good guy? why was he helping venom? other than that it was great!

well thats Venom for you EVIL as Hell

well thats what Venom would most likely do to his victims is kill them but in a new way it was cool how he made an axe and killed that one guy running. For real he killed the only chick in the group of kitten members. He should have screwed her took her down and gave her some venom sex!!!