Reviews for "EndangeredSpecies->the KK"

i don't care who disagrees with me

the kk should leave newgrounds before venom and spidey find em, you should try to also get rid of the other crews that keep making random flashes that flood the portal, make a video about every other crew and all those other crews and leave flash to the professionals

Sanity? on my nG?

thank god there was someone to take the initiative with enough skill to jab back at those fucking morons the KK.... rock on man, keep it up... fuck the KK ban em for life from NG useless idiots...

oooh... oow... niiice....

dude... you totally blammed those assholes...

ps, death to kk

Best Persuasive Video I've Seen

Wow, if every spider-man show was like this, I think I would like it MUCH more. I love the gore and violence in this. Whoever the KittenKrew is, I already see them as a nuisance. The graphics were nice and added to your style. Sound was about average, but it did well to set the mood. Violence... well *grins* i want to see more of your style now. I thought it was funny in a finding pleasure in the destructive blood bath sort of way. Overall, great video! I want to see another Venom movie cause that was sick!


Nice one, the animation is fine, but i've got one question, what is the KittenKrew? lol

XtremelyVenomous responds:

done worry. u'll eventually know who they are.