Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"

pretty neat but..

its a pretty good game. smooth and had good questions. the in between sequence with sonic and/or mario was irriating. yes i answered the question i dont want to see the damn ring fall down every time.

its good and i look forward to your next release. but before i end this id like to say you can get 3 flutes in SMB3. on the first map theres one in the castle and one in a regular map ( i forget which) but u duck on a white block and go behind the map. and then at the very end of the game you get on so you cna fly to teh last world dont you? i beleive you get it as a present from peach. so the answer is 3...which i got incorect even though it is correct...

jogo52793 responds:

I thought that question asked "How many after the first world castle" which would make the answer 2...

Thanks for the review.

nice one

that was an excellent VG trivia game. if you know those games, then this one was pretty easy, but it was definitely a lot of fun, your efforts were good and it was a blast to play. you put a very nice effort in this one as well.... especially the questions.... some were easy as pie, but others did require some thought.
good job on this one, hope this one wins an award.

jogo52793 responds:

I wish it did win an award, but oh well. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Trivia Madness!!!

I loved it, especially the variety of questions and how they were laid out in the 3 different game modes. It really shows how much I need to get back into those games...if I still had any of those systems. :( Awsome game though, loved the music as well!

jogo52793 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and get back to them- there are plenty of good retro games :)


Dude, really, i lvoe it! It brings me so much memories.... Thanks a lot dude.... Some music there i havent heard for about 10 years! I had so much fun with theses games...

Some of your answers are wrong. Fact. Kind of ruins the game a bit. But I really like the style of it.