Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"

not bad

i felt challenged and it felt good to play a worthwhile trivia game.

What the-!?

I got asked the question "If you got all the whistles in SMB3, how many would you have?"

I then remembered: "1-3, 1-Palace, 2-Hidden Fire Brother"

That's three.


Some of this is difficult...

...until you learn all of the answers. Some of them are still hard the first time though - in "Which can you kill in Arkhangelsk" I thought that Ouromov (who CAN be killed if you try hard enough or have Invincibility) was just a generic guard.

The passwords also provide some decent links - I've written down the one for the "WW2BA Millionaire Trivia (not music)" password for use when I start animating.

not to shabby

this game had a cool idea and stuff but it was executed that well so yeah and like 60 percent of the questions were sega and nintendo questions and also it was not really pretty??? it was poor animation and you know thats what make good flashes good and you didn't pull that off and but there were some light spots i liked how it was a little tough and you might be able to make a sequel where there different formats then just do you want to be a millionaire and the train game. and also i liked how there really were mario and sonic involved into the game but try next time to incorporate other characters like master chief and link maybe. so all in all it was a pretty cool game so i gave you a 4/5 and you know 7/10. great job.


i got 38210 but i lost....WAHHHH