Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"

Addiciting as fuck

I wouldn't stop till I hit A million, but when I did, I still wasn't satisfied. I was very happy with the games style, but it lacked good graphics. 8/10 is good though...

jogo52793 responds:

Ok, thanks for the review.



jogo52793 responds:

Key word- secret? I guess not.

Half decent quiz game, but not much else

There are a lot of good questions that will entertain the most hardcore of VG players. Having different play modes was OK, but one could only wish for more. Definately worth a play, but most will find that this game has little replay value.

This could've gone through a little more revising before being submitted. The menu screen looked bland. The animations, for the lack of a better word, were pathetic, consisting of simple sprite rips and motion tweens. The questions repeated too, but then again, it's a step above most quiz games in that it actually randomizes the questions. The one thing that really got me though, was the choppiness of the animations in the treasure hunt game.

If there is going to be a second version in the future, I personally would like to see a few more modes of play, a larger variety of questions, and a little more effort in the animations.

jogo52793 responds:

Thanks for the suggestions. The animations may have run more smoothly in a lower quality. Also, there were 150 different questions in 3 modes, that seems like a good amount to me.


And why did u make the character animations e.g. running so slow? Cuz i have a FAST COMPUTER, and it couldn't be my compy running slow.

jogo52793 responds:

Honestly, I don't know. They run fast in flash, and they run pretty smoothly on my computer, but you can skip them if they are lagging.

Thanks for the review.

A lot of potential.

This is a great idea but it wasn't made all that well, there are many errors and awkward phrasings that make it very hard to play. The idea of a video game trivia game as I said is a great one, and the basic build of the game but many things need to be worked out. (i.e. music stopping after one loop etc etc.) Also, there's more to games then music and screenshots, but perhaps that's just all I saw.

jogo52793 responds:

We tried really hard to get the game system running. Could you please be more specific...why was it "hard to play"? And there was more to the game than music and screenshots.