Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"


It played so nice! It's really addicting! SO GREAAAAT!!!!

jogo52793 responds:

Glad you liked the game :)

Man, this is the older one on STEROIDS

The trivia section is a BIG improvement. NICE JOB!

jogo52793 responds:


Great work, lots of effort.

It must have taken a long time to make this project, good job. The buttons could be less generic, but very good work.

jogo52793 responds:

It did take quite long, actually. Several months went into it.


There is no way ANYTHING is better than this. you are awesome man. i hope you make a sequel with more quizzes! =) =) =)
110% man

jogo52793 responds:

Glad you like it =)

loved the game

title says it all

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