Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"

very fun

very very good only prblems i had were alot of questions repeat if u try again. and the sonic transition scene could be shorter. but overall a+ man. ;)

jogo52793 responds:

Sorry- I guess there weren't enough questions to go without getting a repeat in the course of 2-3 games, but at least no one is complaining about a repeat within the same 1 game :)

If you don't have the patience to go through the animation, then turn them off in the options menu.

It's an awesome game!

Even though I played this on another web site (which I shall not say or SO HELP ME GOD!), but it's a good game! I just want to know all the passwords. I found the treasure and won $1 Million on the no sound version (With the help of a search engine website on the last safe haven & up, but I will STILL not say the website or SO HELP ME GOD AGAIN!). MAKE MORE OF THESE GAMES!!!

jogo52793 responds:

Yes, it has spread through different sites. If you could PM me the site you used, I'd find that interesting to see.
Thanks for the review :)

good trivia.

best trivia game i've played good or great of every thing just good. i exspeciely the train trivia it could have been a little longer but not a must.

jogo52793 responds:


it's a very fun and enjoyable quiz for everyone

Firstly, the only reason it got a seven in my score is that my computor crashed and that i couldnt hear it properly, so when i get the sound back, ill have another go
the base of this is a who wants to be a millionare style, videogame quiz, which is a very fresh idea, scince on some other websites, that style game is utter garbage, and would make me jump of a bridge, but this is a supreme to crap anywhere, and is a honest example to people who are going to make another version of this, so they dont get binned by everyone in about 5 minutes.
so, overall, this is one hell of a game and anyone who dosnt like it are ether a) someone who hates videogames/never played one before, or b) steven hawkings. this is a very cool game by JOGO 279, and to improve, just as WanderingRurouni said, it will be one of the best if there will be a lot more questions!!!!

jogo52793 responds:

Wow, thanks for the lengthy review :) Glad you liked it so much.

just plain fun

I enjoyed the game a lot, but I like the fact that I had fun playing it with my 5 year old nephew, he was just happy. I learned a little about video game history with this game, and overall I enjoyed it. I'm not sure if there is anything to improve on here, but maybe some more questions? Other than that, it's all good.

jogo52793 responds:

My goal wasn't to teach, but if it did that too than cool :)