Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"

Incorrect Answer:
Q: Name the original platform (Music: Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past)
Options: N64, X-box, Gamecube (correct? I don't think so), PlayStation?
Correct Answer: SNES

Some of your answers are wrong. Fact. Kind of ruins the game a bit. But I really like the style of it.

My point's is 8

Very good game, not bad. Nice version of Who wants to be a millionaire? or should i say "Haluatko miljonääriksi" as we say in Finland.

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...code Mufflore said and i was signed in as TomFulp

Maybe you should...

Test your own knowledge first, for a few of the questions (Not many) I have pages open from Wikipedia, gamestop, ign and 2 other smaller gaming sites that say you're wrong, so before you make a trivia game make sure you know what you're talking about.