Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"


I love this game, but i can only beat treasure mode so far, oh well!


i won at all but sonigs poor mario kept exploding


ive been looking for a quiz that can help me brush up on my skills and know how while im grounded (im secretly playing this computer)

all good!

Pretty good but you screwed up on some of the trivia.....the question i got was about sega and it was which is the original console......genesis was the answer but thats wrong.....Sega master was the original sega console......sorry bro 8/10

Hella fun game man.

Quite addicting to say the least,excellent style with it being like "Who wants to be a Millionare" and even having the lifelines too and also had a lot of great questions too and kept on getting more difficult,this was truely a very fun game and i would probably play it again in the future.