Reviews for "VG Trivia Challenge"


This Game put my brain to the test, really really awsome I LOVE PLEASE MAKE MORE!


by far one of the best video game quizzes out there. way to go!!!


Beat music on my first try!! Whoohoo good game though!
P.s. 100th review!!

Should have named it Nintendo Trivia Challenge...

Aside from a few, all of the trivia questions pertain to series that are on Nintendo consoles (Metal Gear, and Resident Evil had their outings). Try to vary it up a bit. Everything else is average, and that cut scene after answering a question is long and not needed. A simple YOU ARE... CORRECT!/INCORRECT! is much more appropriate. Overall this is a great first outing with flash, and it should have helped you learn alot, but thats about it.


That silly sound trivia got Mario exploding everytime! Good game! At least I got my million on Sonic's side and on the Treasure game as well...