Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"


This is beautiful, seriously. It reminds me of all the times in teamspeak, counter-strike, any game that uses voice chat really, that you have to listen to people like that. How many times i wished i had a recorder running.

It's really a great example of the internet "community" as a whole, I laughed through the entire thing.

As for the ratings i gave it, even without animation its so funny i had to give it a 10; Anyone who doesn't find this funny probably does the same thing as this guy.

Pog responds:

Oh yeah it reminds me of CSS too... sadly these sort of freak outs happen more often than you'ed think...

Thanks for the review.

Made my favorites.

i wish I was logged in but for some reason I ca't get on it because of some fire wall thing... never happened before. When did this take place?

Pog responds:

A couple of nights ago... have you tried allowing Pal-talk in the firewall options and opening the ports pal-talk uses?

Thanks for the review.

Fucking hilarious

dou chay bag vuh-j-j with peanut butter on top!

Laugh of my life

i always show all my friends this video. and i still find it funny even after watching it like 293473284 times. We even picked up on some of the words haha
pennis is my favorite


Very funny i haw saw this elven times and never got tired of it