Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"

The funniest thing on ng.

I'm not exaggerating this one bit. I laughed so hard I almost cried. I voted 4 on this because it was that funny. I really wish you provided some animation instead of just a picture but it is still really funny. The sound quality was superb though. I gotta check out that PalTalk some time, it sounds really fun if that's what happens on there. I'm not gonna go into any details and ruin it for everyone else but trust me every part of this is hilarious.

/b/ is back

fuck your mom. /b/ is back.

Pog responds:

This was Paltalk and had nothing to do with 4chan but thanks for the review.


wtf was that? emo overload!

Pog responds:

Nah it was worse than an emo... it was a 13 year old.

Not bad i guess

it was okay except wit te screamming it hurt my ears


LMFAO, how did you get davidzx's voice in that? The graphics were not that great, but the audio made this an instant win! Good Job sir, this Flash has made my day!