Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"

freakin hilarious.

That was awesome. I was cracking up. I gave it a 4. I'm pulling for you bud. Protect this people.

Lol Penas

funny stuff... This is true though =P, Whenever i log on vent (ventrillo) or TS (Teamspeak) its funny stuff going in there. We're almost like the same thing, just less screaming and more "your mom"jokes =D except we enjoy it XD

Epic motherfucking WIN!

You have made my day. You may make love to me in precarious ways now.

However, I do have a responsibility to review fairly. One picture and audio a flash does not make. The text makes up for that. So you get 5 for me being bias. HUZZAH!

That was..

before the redesign wasn't it? Funny.


when u yell u sound like a girl lol!