Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"

Fucking hilarious

dou chay bag vuh-j-j with peanut butter on top!


The voice was kind of annoying so i closed it, but i loved it when you screamed!


This is great. I love it. This is probably the greatest dialog ever made.


I guess this was an inside joke thing... but this was bad. I couldn't stand the voice to the point I just closed it.

Very FUNNY! (in an "inside way")

And by "inside" I mean inside the colon* where the author and his pals live.

If you knew the people relevant to this flash, and after knowing them, still gave a rats ass (which is hard, rats asses are hard to come by) then you would watch this flash and say
"hmmm, although crap, this references someone I know! - it's worth something!.....now where is my bag of rats asses?"

*Colon may refer to the part of the intestine just above the rectum.
Colon may also refer to this " :" (not this ";" which is a 'semicolon')

Ever wonder why a SEMI colon is BIGGER than a colon?

; <-- colon is little bigger (why?)