Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"

The funniest thing on ng.

I'm not exaggerating this one bit. I laughed so hard I almost cried. I voted 4 on this because it was that funny. I really wish you provided some animation instead of just a picture but it is still really funny. The sound quality was superb though. I gotta check out that PalTalk some time, it sounds really fun if that's what happens on there. I'm not gonna go into any details and ruin it for everyone else but trust me every part of this is hilarious.

Wow... that's just sad.

Honestly, don't go to places like that. And if you go to a place that's reccommended by others, and it's filled with assholes, then leave. No need for the stress. And you really did over-react, which gave them a foot-hold to get into your head and really piss you off.

freakin hilarious.

That was awesome. I was cracking up. I gave it a 4. I'm pulling for you bud. Protect this people.

lol to much madness

lol the screaming is big and large grate job

Its really funny!

i like how the guy is mispronounceing the words!