Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"


lol this reminds me of kaufman its as hilarious as i am sexy

Hella funny!

Dude, I nearly pissed my pants... again.


Was that you freakin out? Sounds like you have an absence of English much lol. If that wasn't you only funny because that kid sounds like he has major mental problems, but yeah, that is NO FLASH. It was a loading screen and a picture w/sound, please try again.

Pog responds:

Thanks for the review, I used flash to get it to the site, but I am no flash artist I just wanted to share it all with you... and nope the user freaking out wasn't me.

Thanks for the review.


Aside from 4 I gave for sound(I could hear all words pretty clearly) rest was..umm..how to say it?That was pretty cheap,so sorry for low score,as this deserves no more.

Pog responds:

That's ok I'm no flash artist I just want to share this with you guys... thanks or the review.


what wrong with you it not funny

Pog responds:

I'm sorry you didn't find this funny, thanks for the review though.