Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"

Not an example of Flash at its greatest...

Okay, this is a scathing look at PalTalk. Remind me not to go there. No, he's not an emo. I hate that word, for one. And another, I've no way of knowing because there's only one guy talking. I have no frame of reference about the conversation's context, so I can't judge. But he sure sounded irritated...

Graphics get a zero. That poster is graffiti, and poor even by graffiti standards.

Style is zero. Someone put this on Front Page solely because it pertains to NG somehow and someone is screaming at the top of his lungs over a microphone.

Sound gets a ten. I don't know why... maybe because it captures the moment perfectly?

Violence gets a three. The only thing keeping this guy from swatting people upside their snide little heads was the fact that this is the Internet... rife with borderline retarded people, true, but that is not an excuse. That is a felony.

Interactivity gets a zero. I couldn't tell this guy to shut up, either.

Humor gets a five. One part of me says "Yeah it's a ten because there's screaming and a guy being picked on because he's an emo moron," and the other part of me says: "What are you, kidding me? That could be just about anybody, even you, going haywire like that in PalTalk. He certainly doesn't deserve anymore exposure to the world through someone's crappy flash showcasing his audio bits."

Overall, this flash gets a zero. It doesn't really boost anyone's confidence in PalTalk... and it certainly doesn't entertain the outsiders of the site, either.

Pog responds:

Thanks for the responce, I wasn't shooting for flash at it's greatest it was the humor I was trying to get to, but thanks for the review anyways.

Uh huh. WTfiretruck was that all about?

It's Foamy when he turns into a human. Diabetes and all...


wtf was that? emo overload!

Pog responds:

Nah it was worse than an emo... it was a 13 year old.

well I thought it was funny

yeah it was funny but I think this was one of those things where you had to be there to understand it. cuz it sounds like it was from like a conversation of some sort and you were just making fun of someone apart of the conversation. but I will say it was very entertaining. =D "my mom is not a mif thats to funny


My god! Was that you talking,or was that your mom?

Pog responds:

Nope it wasn't me talking, thanks for the review.