Reviews for "Welcome to PalTalk"


Whats the guy thats speaking in this's profile name?

Made my favorites.

i wish I was logged in but for some reason I ca't get on it because of some fire wall thing... never happened before. When did this take place?

Pog responds:

A couple of nights ago... have you tried allowing Pal-talk in the firewall options and opening the ports pal-talk uses?

Thanks for the review.

with penut butter on it

lol lol lolz that was funny!!!!


OMG that was hilarious OMG make more


What is this shit? Was that supposed to be a genuine prepubescent loser on some voice chat? It sounds very unlikely that the kid was serious at all, and, even if he was, it's still not funny. Too bad.

Pog responds:

Lol angry teen...

Anyways thanks for the review... even though it was meant to do nothing but flame.