Reviews for "[AG] Mardok's Reign RPG"

Pretty good

my only complaints...

1) You should get full health after leveling up
2) Leveling up should actualy make a significant difference, it wasnt till lvl 5 when i realised my atk slightly was better
3) An option to run away from battles with reduced gold and xp

other then those few that i can remeber its a pretty decent game


It's nothing godly amazing, but it's still really really cool. I'd also like if your health went full/increased when you level, but still, it was a really cool game. I hope to see a sequal! The music was also really cool!


Djugan responds:

The sequel can be found at www.axis-games.com/fellowship ofkings.php


It was fun, what was the answer to the riddle though?

Good try -love to see more!

It needs sleeping quarters or health restorer area.
Upgrading armor/shield doesn't prevent hits.
Once you hit level 5, if fails to increase experience.

Good game for the time

The riddle answer is: cubt