Reviews for "Rocket Car"

Loved it!

Wow, Great game!
I beat it after about a hour of playing.
I really enjoyed the different obsactles, but as the reviewer befor me said, you need a save or coded leves.
I want to see more!

Great game, don't abandon this concept!

I really love this game, and I also love your level design. It's just difficult enough that I don't get frustrated playing it, and it is very easy to get into. This has to be my favorite flash physics game ever. The simplicity of design, gameplay and the level size makes for a fantastic game. I'll be watching your work for quite some time, and I think it would be great idea to take the engine you've created and come up with a sequel with many more levels, maybe even a hundred or so. Hell, I could see you selling this game if you created enough quality levels for it. I know I would buy it.

Thanks for the quality entertainment! Newgrounds is where it's at!!

CorkySurprise responds:

Thanks very much!


Nice Graphics
Excellent Gameplay
One of the best games i've ever played on the internet
NIce job guys


first time i played and beat all the levels and trucker729 shut up just cus u lost one level u act like a baby and start yelling get over yourself plz. ppl like u bug me soon as they loose a level its the games fault. no u just try one time loose then cry its realy sad how ppl act now of days : l .

this was high flyer if ouy asck me

nf siad