Reviews for "Rocket Car"

Great game!

This is really a fun game! I hope you will keep doing more games in this kind.
The graphics a perfect. But sometimes in the levels in wich there is a turning spike
ball the hitTest isnt perfect, but thats allright anyway.I stoped at level 14 coulnt get past that one. Anyway this game is erally fun!

it was awasome!!!

the only problem about the game: too short! y'know? it's not short but when you make that awesome a game then please... please!!! make 50lvl's!!

and to corvette5: in level 5 you start with some fuel!
and again: EXCELLENT!!!

Very innovative game!

This is a very innovative, addicting game. A great premise and very fun, this is one of the very few submissions I would give a 10 to.


I like it alot, it really is a simple concept but its awesome

very awesome

that was excellent! very simple gameplay and the choice of music was brilliant!