Reviews for "Rocket Car"


I didnt find this addicting.
i found it boring.
especially seeing as most of the levels you dont even use the rocket.
it glitched so many times i lost count.


terribly sorry about the low rating but i just didnt find this game that goo it was addicting but it was extremely hard i think you should ither edit it or just ake a new game also it has too many kinks for example it glitches just before the end of every level nice try tho keep up the work sorry again :)


Ive played this game a long time ago, and its just as good as the first time. Yes some of the levels are hard, but most of them are incredibly easy. If it didnt have a challenge then there would be no point in it, and everyone thats giving up on it isnt really giving it a good try, they just want to kill 5 minutes or dont have anything better to do than keep changing to different games because they want the games given to them without a challenge. Keep up the good work the three of you and I hope to see a sequel to this.



the game was hard, annoying.... annoyingly hard!
i mean, moving platforms that are as slippery as ice? resistance is horrible in the game. Finished it, but i feel no joy whatsoever :( I had to restart some levels 20+ times just because the mechanics were not intuitive. sorry but not more then 4 stars from me, iv'e played simpler games that were twice the fun. Also, iv'e seen better graphics, so if you are going for simple, then make it at least fun to screw up, i just hated having to die for the 10000000000 time the same way i died just before, and before, all relying on a small twitch a 0.01 second earlier ... aaarhgh

lol but seriously though nice try, but the end music is bad, by the time i finished this review i wanted to stab myself in the ears

done on lvl 15

yeh 2 hard but awesome game