Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 1"


lololololollololololololololol hey they all have the same style of hair but in different ways

great movie 1 critisism

wheres jerry? he mah fave. lol at bobs mind. graeat movie peace out.

I think "Emoriffic" is a word!

By the way, Jimtopia now you don't have to send me anything 'cause I know who all the characters are now! Anyway, liked the "Emoriffic" theme to it and I loved when Bob got played Barbie Girl for his theme song. lol. Nice one, hope to see more of Jim and friends!


this is probably my favorite jim ep. the ending was just perfect...and is "Emoriffic" a word? cause i'm using it now!

Jimtopia responds:

I don't believe it's a word, but if you get enough people using it it could become one.


i was was having a crapy day but then i found the jim seris and now my day was awesome thanks

Jimtopia responds:

Good to hear that Jim and Pals can improve someone's day.