Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 1"

I like it

I love it..

Btw, what is the name of the song used in the beginning? even before jim? (its not at the end of the video in credits..)


omg that was funny especially when the bully guy had barbie girl i lol'd

lmao with bob the bully

i was so fucking funny i almost peed my fucking pants GREAT job

Wonderful Just Wonderful

The artwork and animation were both great. The sound was superb and this flash was an enjoyable experience. However the ending wasn't what I was expecting, I was expecting a Benny Hill chase at the end... but was sadly disappointed. All in all though a very humorous flash.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Great Animation
*Superb Sound
*Great Story
*Quite Humorous

|| Bad Points ||

Jimtopia responds:

Lol, man that would've been a much better ending! Dang, wish I'd thought of that.

OMFG, that was hilarious!

I bet Bob's song really is the Barbie song! LOL