Reviews for "Jim and Pals Shorts: Ep 1"


I love your movies :D. They rock!

Jimtopia responds:

Thank you!

hmmm not bad

I dont really get the pont of this. But it was pretty funny. You did pretty good. keep it up!

Jimtopia responds:

Umm, thanks I will.

Chucklesome. Good work!

In chronological order:

Fairly nice loading screen.

I don't like your start button personally. I just don't think that buttons with radically different 'down' graphics look good - when you click quickly, it just looks glitchy.

The 2nd sentence - 'Now we've devised....' shouldn't start with the elipses as it should be a new sentence. Seems like a bitchy thing to say, but for me it really affected my understanding of it and seemed jarring.

The character bios were all amusing to read and it served as a great bit of simple exposition - I'd never really understood the relationships between them all.

I still think your graphics could be nicer. (Not that they're bad atm.) Maybe think about altering your colours slightly, adding textures, adding shading, removing the thin lines around everything, maybe thickening the lines up... just play around; experiment and try to hone your style further.

All the dancing amused, as did the emoriffic stuff (to a slightly lesser extent). Dancing was nicely drawn and the way those legs bend was pretty funny.

The ending got me chuckling.

Jim's swinging arms at the end were a tad slow for the tempo of the song though.

Chucklesome. Good work!

Jimtopia responds:

Thank you for an in-depth review. I knew that my grammar had to be off somewhere in that intro, because when I read it, it was kinda confusing to me. I've been experimenting a lot with Jim and Co. designs and whatnot, it's hard to make such simplistic characters look... well, real. Yeah, I'm proud of Jim's dance. I laughed the first time I saw it. The reasons Jim's arms were slow at the end is because I just took the movie clip from the beginning when he swings his arms and put it at the end. So I didn't really attempt to time it up. Well, thanks for the review Bezman!


This was an okay flash. It wasn't really good or really bad. I liked the jokes and how you put music for each one of the characters introductions.

Having said that, you could have added more of a background to the whole thing. You could make it a bit faster as I thought it went a bit slow.

Also, I thought nothing much happened, I know this is just an intro but you could have added a bit more action, it might have improved it. But overall an okay animation.

(Review request club)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks for the review.

Not sure about the goth chick

I quite liked the animation you gave to Jim's legs here, as they looked really smooth (not that he shaves them, obviously). The misical jokes were pretty funny, but surely Goth chicks have dyed their hair black as well as goth men?

Still, aside from that confusion, I think you are learning how to use flash effectively and you're making a good go of it. Keep up the good work and let us know when there are more available

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Jimtopia responds:

Will do! Thanks for the review!