Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan"

dude lazars, crunkfoshizal

put this any wii comercial and it would fit perfectly!!!!

crazy ninja battle

crazy oriental/techno mix...very interesting combination of musical styles that works out fantastically...this song really set the tune during the boat ride/battle in castle crashers...nicely done!


always love all of your stuff. the japanese element makes it rly fun cause idt you did anything else with japanese instruments...not that i remember anyways. but yeah, this is great, keep it up


I've heard this song somewhere on a game called Unreal Flash or something like that before. Or something very similar! Good music!

Holy crap images

All that I can picture now is a cartoony ninja standing with club lights flashing and everything being distorted. Especially at 0:53. All of the colors went inverted.

In other words, great song. Nice distorted drums and crap. This will find its way into the Superkid soundtrack.