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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan"


hey, you should check out some of my submissions, i need some constructive criticism on my audio from the audio portal god :)

Step step step

First time I heard anything of yours it was in stepmania, glad that they person who did it knows how to step songs. Great tunes =D

paragon when your music goes to that number 173 ill be sad because then i cant listen to that awsome music u made so can u plz make new ones ok. and your music rocks and ill never ever forget you music makers :) so when you guys grow older if i was in heaven ill make u guys 18 againnnn so this japan it cool so 5/5 ;)


For the person below me: Just FYI, download the song and see the id. Type that into the custom song generator to get the song. Or if the thing says not allowed for use you can't use it. And its by paragonX9 not waterflame lol.
Also nice song, sad you left ;-;