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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan"


Can't get enough of it! PWNS. Would do as an awesome sim in SM :>.

Every category deserves a 10!

Very nice man

I like all your songs encloding this one its very cool.I like the 3x osc and you nalied the drums. 10/5. be sure to check out my songs. ^_^

wow, just wow

all of your audio is of exceptional quality nice japan feel to this performance i even put it on my mp3 player and that is how exceptional i find it

Effortless rockin'.


ParagonX9, your music is superb. The way it seems to flow without effort, yet simultaneously(sp?) rock like there's no tomorrow...Truly masterful. You are one of the greatest music artists on Newgrounds, if not the world.

You deserve a medal. But at this stage, you've got a lot of them.

Now, Chaoz Japan. It's one of his better works (by that I mean in the top 50%) in my humble opinion, and the usage of authentic Japanese instruments is a very nice touch. It seems to jump suddenly around the 50 second mark, but you'll forget that at the 53 second mark.

It's a great song in any case, and well worth the download.

Something different

Not the standard DnB I'm used to from you, but it's positively different. I like the unique Japanese style you've given this one. Haven't heard a lot like it, nice!