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Reviews for "ParagonX9 - Chaoz Japan"


Excellent work! I love the amen drum effects! Everything is amazing! Glad your back man.


As I told you, this song OWNZ man.
You even put in that weird off-beat shizzle we thought of in the end xD LOLOLOL.
But this just OWNZ my ass off.....

Don't really have anything to say, just make it in the Weekly Top 5 at #1 man ;)

ParagonX9 responds:

Ahh NiDeCo =)
Ahhahaha.. Yeah you mean that:
(BD TK -- TK -- TK -- TK --..etc..) :D ahaha :D

Thnks man =) .. Yeah I also hope that ill finally reachthe top5 again...
It has been a while that I got in there since all paragon-haters are voting down my scores to prevent it =(

nice =D

very nice song dude, umm listen a friend and i are making a flash game right now and we seem to not be able to find the music that we like, and were wondering if you could help us maybe with a special song for it, the stuff that we have here at newgrounds are like our first flash projects so they`re kinda crappy, um if u ar einterested in helping us, send an email to nosferatu_alucard89@hotmail.com


the only reason i gave it a one for originality is that it is not origional, ive never heard anything like this before its amazing.

1 question though if you do read this- what program do you use. for the ones i do in music i use reason, however i want to be able to create something as terribly awsome as that.

plz reply. tyvm



I'm curious. Several people have claimed that this is a blatent copy of a song called Tsugaru. Well, I haven't got DDR, but I was able to find somewhere I could download the song in question. There are simularities, as already has been pointed out, but that's about it. Unless the person(s) involved were listening to a different version, there is no way that this can be considered stolen.