Reviews for "Zombie Takeout"


this is so good I love it when will the sequel come out? Best click and solve game I played in a long time. Keep up the good work. By the way you and the game are going on my favorites.

jackson-buckwheat responds:

It might be a while until the sequel is out. I'm still in school, and I don't get to work on flash that much, so the first one took me probably almost 4 months. The sequel will be about the same length, but it has an ultra long ending movie which I've started work on, so I'm thinking it will be out sometime during the summer.

I'm also thinking of changing the gameplay style just a bit for the sequel, like so you can actually move around and not just be stationary.

very nice combines 2 of my faves horror/puzzle

good job make a second btw u get 5/5


I cant wait untill the sequal, it was a great game!!!!

fun and entertaining


they were hungry because

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