Reviews for "Zombie Takeout"

wow, great game!

awesome little adventure game, afew funny scenes here and there but well animated and good story line, some of the choices were kinda strange (like taking the ladder, but not the handgun.) also, i found one small glitch is that, even if you've already taken the ladder and put it where it's supposed to be...you can still go back into the room with the crazy janitor, click where the ladder was before hand, and get the ladder again, but then it'll dissappear after you try to place it where the ladder first goes.


jackson-buckwheat responds:

Damn. One of my friends told me about the 2 ladder glitch, but when I went and looked I couldn't find out what was wrong. I think I know now, so maybe I'll go back and fix it. Thanks

Nice work!

This game was very humorous. If you find yourself with a bulky piece of electronics, you most likely have to drop it on someone's head!

I think the funniest thing is that in order for you and your friend to stay alive you have to kill 4 or 5 non-zombie people who are just trying to stay alive like you.

Selfish bastard. ;)

Kick ass!

This game is awesome!
Please make the second one soon!

fun fun fun

but the walk thru is on main page so i have to quit and read it when i get stuck....


Alright! This is a preety cool point and click zombie game, my only problem was it was a wee bit to easy, but great job!

jackson-buckwheat responds:

Don't worry. The next one will be hard enough to make you cry yourself to sleep.

Ha ha ha