Reviews for "Zombie Takeout"

part 1

1. Get The poster of the wall behind rick.
2.Goto the right until you get to the broken stairwell.
3.Pick up the flowerpot.Knock on the door.
4.Go inside the door
5.Pick up the Gasoline on the table.
6.Use the gasoline on the crate.
7.Move the crate to the right.
8.Click the lightswitch to turn the lights off.
9.Use the flowerpot on the jaintor.
10.Pick up the ladder and exit the room.
11.Use the ladder on the space under the stairwell.
12.Go upstairs.
13.Pick up the crowbar.Go to the left until you reach the kitchen.
14.Open the fridge and pick up the jar.
15.Click on the second cabinet from the right to find the lighter.
16.Go to the left.
17.Use the poster on the smoke dectector.
18.Go to the kitchen
19.Use the jar on bob to kill him.
20.Go to the room Bob was in.
21.Click on the circuit breaker.
22.Turn on the elevator and the A.C.
23.Pick up the computer go down stairs.
24.Pick up the ladder again.
25.Use the elevator.
26.Go to the right and put the ladder in the space under the airvent.
27.Go in to the airvent.
28.Go down and use the crowbar on the vent.
29.Go up and exit the airvent
30.Go back to the curcuit breaker.
31.Turn the A.C. off.
32.Go back to the airvent.
33.Use the computer on the zombie.
34.Go in to the old mans room.
35 final.Drop down on to the old man to complete the stage.


i need help

i canĀ“t pas this 1 part

Nice game!

I just love busting zombies.


when u have the stick in the sewers click the stick and click where the ripples are then u will play a minigame (don't try to kill the gator it don't work)

part 2

first grab the wrench in the parking lot now go in the sewers go down where a hobo is grab the rope and go up wher taht zombie is having a apitzer and conbin the rope with the broken shaft rope pull it once and feed your zombie freind pull it agian go across now go a ladder going up and grab the wooden pole now go down and down aganin and go to the right and break the water cooler now get on the box and use the pole on the power box now go to the kid in the first sewer room and talk you get a VCR now go up on the streets go to the right and drop the VCR down the second sewer the sniper will protect you cool right go down in the sewr take a right and take the acid now go back to where you killed the docter and go pat him throw the acid on the crak in the water hole it will sink the crock now talk to the docter and he gives you the key now unlock the door and the rest is a movie seen. NOT DONE YET heres how you get the easter egg in part to when you get the pole go to the sewer with the air bubles use the stick on it it is decent fun. FOR MORE HINTS AND TIPS GO TO SOME OF MY POST