Reviews for "FHOAR 3"


I fuckin love the menu's you come up with. I don't know why but there's just something about this that reminds me of Yenig's old movies. Also, did you use a lightbox when you were doing that traditional animation because the movement looks a little off center. Otherwise marvelous :)

W-P-S responds:

Well, it was actually all drawn next to each other.

Not any tracing, just all on one paper.
I DO have a lightbox though but.. I rarely use it lol.

But thanks, man!

I like originality

It's a bit short and the music, especially for the main menu, is annoying. But I think the animations are cool. they're funky.

Promise, but not good

I like the menu on the gameboy, but the menu music is annoying. Also, a bunch of very short loops doesn't cut it as entertaining in my book and is more annoying that anything.

I really didn't like what you've done overall here at all.