Reviews for "Pixel - Blue Hights Soundtrack"

I never heard anything like it

This 8-bit has a very unique track. 10/10 5/5

K-POW responds:

thanks alot :)

be sure to watch the flash movie too! It should come out in about a week. :)


This song was very good! It fit the animation quite well.

K-POW responds:

thanks a lot, too bad it didn't go as good as we had hoped for the film. :(

Dude...This music is epic ! :D


It's nothing :)

K-POW responds:

haha thanks alot :D

This song isn't like anything i've heard before
It's ecstasy for my imagination
5 out of 5 for you
also it keeps reminding me of easter island for some reason

K-POW responds:

me neither, I have no idea what was going on in my head when I made this, hehe.

if you haven't already you should also watch the movie Blue Hights, where me and my friend goes to a magic adventure in our imagination..

anyhow, thanks for the kind review, it warms alot!


Epic tune ! Probably the best I've heard so far.