Reviews for "NG: Colors"

Great Art!

This collab has the best artistic skill compared to all the other ones. The only thing that I wish you haven't done was put that crappy red MS Paint picture in the red section. Good job.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

I am sorry about that but it's someone's work and i can't just delete it!
Thank you btw!


Nice work, nice art.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Thank you!


That's the best collab (Is that what it's called?) I've ever seen. Well it's the first one I've seen but still, 10/10

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Thank you :D

this is

one of the best collabs ive seen at newgrounds! i tip my virtual hat to you all. are you going to do something like this again? i hope so

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Wow, what an honour!


You get my five. I liked it and hope that more collabs are still to come, so good job everyone.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Thank you very much!