Reviews for "NG: Colors"


Nice :) Great to see you pulled off this collab, and I reckon it'd be very easy to follow up with a sequel too.
I recommend you wait around for pics to come in, though, since you can choose to leave some out. It seemed pretty rushed to be made into a collab when on the forums.

When the pics aren't meant to join up, but all have a similar theme running in them, this shows a good way of putting the collab together.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

What do you mean by rushed?


This is a fun little flash you got here!

May the CC never die!

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Wow, thank you very much, i thought you first ment with CC clock crew! ;)

Very nicely put together!

Well worth the wait, and I am sure it was worth all of your effort, ninjitsuwarrior! Glad I could be a part of it!

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

It was my first, so it was kinda hard but we made it! I hope everyone else liked it!

Glad to see it worked out.

Some were excellent, yet there were those which seriously lacked anything in particular. The blue section was definitly my favourite, a lot of nice graphics there.

It's a pretty original idea. A bit simlar to the countries collab, you're lucky you got this done first.

Bit annoying, I didn't like it.

None. I don't think.

Plenty. Although to be honest, I would have prefered it in a slide show format.

Not very funny. In fact, not at all.

It's okay. A lot of people have said it to be the best one so far, although I have to disagree. Whilst it is a good try, I don't think it measures up to some. Better than most. I hope it gets into the art collab collection page.

Nice work.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

Thanks Sidorio for the c&c but yeah actually you are right!

I didn't like it

The art wasn't very outstanding or good, and the menu was bad. The next button jumped all over the place which also made it messy and the color menu looked pretty bad.
You could have made it a lot more appealing, and maybe have let the viewer just click next and go through all the pictures, instead of having to go back to the menu after 1 color.

ninjitsuwarrior responds:

But was it a 4 worth?