Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"

Pretty cool

It was the exact same thing as flOw when I think about it. Fun though. Also, it didn't take long enough for me to become an omnipresent bubble-lord. After a while there was just no reason to continue.

Where to Next??

It was so fun and so different... for like 10 minutes. I was wondering if my bubble tank was going to upgrade ever and end up fighting a huge number of enemies but it never happened... I'm guessing that the shield thing just maxed out at a certain point... from there it was too repetitive to keep playing for long. It has so much potential, update it so that it doesn't plateau so soon.

Behold, the quest for the ultimate...bubble?!

It's true! Bubbles blasting away at each other and assimilating each others' parts to make one superbubble is an addictive undertaking. Personally, I find this game easy to pick up and hard to put down. Once you start sucking in bubble after bubble, you get hooked. The superbubble quest seems to never end, and who knows what kind of air-filled, bouncing, easily-popped monster that would be...?

SO much potential...but only fun for about 15 min

Geometry wars + flow...great idea! The controls were slick as hell, and from my experience with playing flash games that is something not easily mastered and not often seen. The physics felt fluid and added a great dynamic to the game. The combat reminded me of Subspace a little, but not quite so difficult. The upgrades were cool, the variety in enemies wasn't bad, and the controls were perfect.

So why didn't you do more with it??? The game ends up being a simple, repetitive click-fest with NO fear of losing. No fear of losing equals no real intensity for a game like this...I ended up just running into everything awhile clicking as fast as possible and didn't come close to dying. I saw all of these cool looking boss-type enemies with cool homing missiles and firing patterns, but i didn't have to worry in the slightest.

In short, HARDER NEXT TIME! You have a GREAT physics/movement engine that's easy to learn but would take time to master. Good job though =)


That was an awesome game!I rated 4 humor 'cause I hysterically laughed at the other bubbles as I destroyed them!Nice game make a sequel.