Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"

great game

it left me one question though: which way do i go?


wow this is a rly good flash game that isnt bloody or gory!
amazing planning n variety...
i was wondering if u can put up a table for all the different types of tanks u can get

The square is 89 or 90 wide

The guy before who said it was 46 by 46 only counted halfway across. The actual dimensions of the whole arena is 89 by 89 bubbles (or 90 by 90 since I may have miscounted and 90 is a rounder number than 89). That's 7921 bubbles in total. If it takes you 10 seconds to clear a bubble (and that's being generous, some bubbles take more like 30 seconds or even a minute) it would take you 22 hours to clear the whole thing.

DUDE that Was Addicting

Man I played that game for over 7 hours and i never got bored it was so addicting. Do you think when you make the third one can you make it like an online multiplayer with highscores and leader boards?

HeroInteractive responds:

Maybe you knew this, I'm not sure, but I just thought that I'd throw out that this is the first Bubble Tanks, not the second. Just in case.

I'd love to do an online multiplayer somehow, but it's a mammoth undertaking and I have no multiplayer experience. Perhaps some day...

this is simple but so addicting

i cannot beleive i got hooked on this game my 12 year old brothers was playing it so i tried and i can't stop this is a fav for sure make a sequel you'll be famos