Reviews for "Bubble Tanks"

i grew till a certain level then stop?

it was fun! but... you should make it unstopable growing till ???


i grew till a spider shape and then have a shield around me...
the enemies cant even atack me but onli hit my shield? and the shield is unbreakable?

it is a good game though.


Such a huge game and yet the file size is so small! Congratulations, I see how the second one is improved now!

This is a fun game where you progress and your tank gets upgraded while you fight 37,000 enemies by shooting bubbles at them!


This game is way to easy. But still a bit of fun. BT2 is awesome!!

Wow it was fun!

i got far into it got a little hard but there's a bug that I keep running into where i can't collect any bubbles other than that its great!

very fun as well

bubble tanks is just as fun as the second bubble tanks although I found this one to be easier than the second. The color and the music really works great in this game.