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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"


when I first saw that there was a wd2 I got excited... then when I played it I was unpleasantly surprised... its really complicated and frustrating... I'm disappointed... the first one is one of my favourite games but this one stunk...

3 thumbs down

Too confusing

Make It Less Confusing, More Adventure


why do u have to buy the game to have fun!


No. This is just like an advertisment to me... Except with more bluffing.

"The biggest and best Turn Based Strategy Flash game is back" Best TBS my ass. It's not "the greatest", in fact, there are MANY others better than it.

I'm not going to blow my money on a FLASH GAME either.


Yeah, agreed.

we really don't need demos on this site.

this is a site for original work, and authors who care about the site, not some crap trying to reel you in to some other stupid site.