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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"


awsome game, wicked! although next time try making a save feature so that you can save it, because it takes sooo looong too play the game in full.
lets start with the graphics- excellent, i love the way that the land is done, very detailed. also the detail of the building were good.
style- excellent style, although i have seen games like this, but this one is by far the best
sound- the music is good, although repetetive, i didn't notice, good explosion sounds aswell, but the guns wich seals and soldiers used sounded like paintball guns, not a weapon i'd use for world domination.
voilence- to go with the excellent explosion sounds is a great explosion, good violence. although spies didn't use violence, the violence score is still pretty high.
interactivity- good interactivity, just like any good games should have, especialy the way the you can control if you have non aggretion pact or not.
humor- i found it particualy funny when you kill someone and their body goes into a skeleton.
overall- 10, one of the best games i've ever played

Youdagames responds:

Although we understand your opinion on the sounds of soldiers shooting. We have chosen consiously to use a less aggressive sound for those guns. We have a simple reason for it.
Like in graphics there is proportion in sound we had bigger sound on the guns in the beginning but because the soldiers are smaller in size it felt totally out of place. So we went with the 'smaller' sounds. There won't be a save function in the game and part3 will be multiplayer were you have to play until the end or surrender.
The reason to leave out save now is just so players can get used to that idea!


I loved the first one, and this one is even better, thanks for making it.

wonder what would happen

i wonder what would happen if the world actully came to this nice names for the player choices too lol for me it was saddnening that it was a demo though but still a ten out of ten :P


It was AMAZING! Absolutely wonderful! I love it so much i bought the full version! its so much better and its even easier!!! Its worth the 10 bucks!

my fav

This is my FAVORITE game on newgrounds.
of all time.
no joke.
ima buy the full version