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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

Hey guys Youtube's Tom Syndicate here I am gonna give this game a straight up 5 , it's gameplay is simply amazing

I really did enjoy this game, even as the demo, there's so much manipulative things to do anyway. :)
I felt as though I was Kira, or Commander Ikari, plotting the best means to survive and destroy everyone. It took a lot of patience, through propganda and diplomacy, but I finally struck out at the last minute, destroying the already weakened forces one and for all. He attempted offer diplomacy at the last minute, but I just simply said, "Too bad, you've been completely defeated!" Boy, so much satisfaction in being able to successfully predict where missiles, jets, and subs are going, even to the point where I could get out nations working for me! >:D

Epic strategy game, very satisfying.

i remember this game from 2009 wow my father great to game this i always eat cotton candy

Tell me plz why did u made a "Technology" if I have nothing to grade except buying crappy submarine?

oh i c... u want 8Euro for this DOS-lookin' non-new half playable game... Well... without donation its simply tactic and non-addicting. I hope next time u will think more on what parts make "only for donators"

i better spent 8 E on DrPepper and feel myself "in oldschool", then buy this.

if options were closed cause of beta u could get a 5star, but they are on sale, so u have a 2.

loading so slow like shit